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About ps is comprised of a team ... husband and wife which have a passion for the capture of memories... and the preservation of a special event...

So, here is the deal... this is not about the money... it is about producing something special... very special. We will accept approximately 25-40 shoots per year. The reason is simple... truly special photographs take time, creativity, and thought. Therefore we do not and will not run production style photography. Our goal is to create a piece of art that will be cherished and will become an heirloom.

If you are after a recording of what you looked like at the time the picture was shot... there are many photographers who can help you do that... for us, it is a labor of love... enjoyment, and legacy.

The idea that we might capture moments of emotion and memories that will be permanently recorded. Knowing that when the event is over... the food has been eaten... the clothing is stored away... everyone has gone home... what endures will be the photographs which were taken that day... they will live on for generations... the photographs are the precious treasures which will be argued over in 50 years by children whom likely were not born at the time of the taking of the photographs... these are the thoughts which drive our passion... these are the ideas that drive us to do our best work every time... when only the very best will do... is the only choice. is not for everyone and is not intended to be... is for those times when you really desire something special, unique, Art....

Patrick & Sharon

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