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"We went over these and seriously still love the's not getting any easier to narrow these down. So here is our list of favorites (it might be easier to list a "not" favorites) but here it is: " "We are dying to show our parents these pictures...I really don't know if we'll be able to wait til the wedding but we are trying because I think the books are a great idea!"George and I met Sharon and Pat downtown Indy for our engagement shoot. The two of them were so great and easy to work with. They took some beautiful pictures of the two of us that we could not be happier with. Pat is going to help us put together and order some photo albums to give our parents as wedding gifts that I am sure will be gorgeous. I am completely impressed and totally satisfied with the entire experience and the beautiful results. I would strongly recommend them to anyone, you will get fabulous pictures that you can keep forever, and in our case give as gifts. Thanks so much Pat and Sharon! ~ Stacey and George

GIRL THESE PICTURES ARE UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!! Did Pat take these? If so, when and where could he shoot the 3 of us!!!??? For how much?? I’ve loved alllllllllllllllllllllllllll of his photo shoots from Vegas, up to these, Jackson’s pics, all of your family pics, etc., HE DOES BREATHTAKING WORK!!! ~Amy Hull

Hi, How are you? Remember after you took Morgan's (fantastic) pictures, I told you I definitely wanted you to take some family shots for our Christmas cards this year? Well.....if you have time, I'd love to set something up mid-November. I heard your (newly designed) studio back-yard is AMAZING! You should add some shots of it to your "studio-shots" on your web site. Wow, incredible wedding pictures you've added. I know I sound like a broken record...but you two are so gifted in photography. Hope to see you soon. Maureen Schoch

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